The Massachusetts Grid Modernization Working Group included key stakeholders representing utilities, government and other sectors

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Organization Stakeholder SC CFS GFS
A Better City David Straus 
Bloom Energy & ClearEdge Power (Fuel Cells) Lisa Ward 
Bloom Energy & ClearEdge Power (Fuel Cells) Charles Fox (alt) 
Cape Light Compact Rebecca Zachas (alt) 
Cape Light Compact Rebecca Zachas  
Cape Light Compact Briana Kane 
Cape Light Compact Briana Kane (alt) 
Cape Light Compact Joe Soares 
ChargePoint America (EV/Charging) Colleen Quinn 
ChargePoint America (EV/Charging) Scott Miller (alt) 
Constellation Energy Jeanne Dworetzky (alt) 
Constellation Energy Brett Feldman (alt) 
Constellation Energy Daniel Allegretti 
CSG (EE) Pat Stanton 
CSG (EE) Joe Fiori (alt) 
Direct Energy Marc Hanks 
Direct Energy Chris Kallaher (alt) 
Electricity Storage Association Kristin Brief (alt) 
Electricity Storage Association Katharine Hamilton 
ENE Abigail Anthony 
ENE Mike Henry (alt) 
ENE Jeremy McDiarmid (alt) 
ENE Mike Henry 
EnerNOC (Demand Response) Greg Geller (alt) 
EnerNOC (Demand Response) Herb Healy 
GE Energy Management David Malkin 
GE Energy Management Byron Flynn (alt) 
IREC Erica Schroeder 
IREC Kevin Fox (alt) 
ISO-NE Catherine McDonough (alt) 
ISO-NE Henry Yoshimura 
Low Income Network Jerry Oppenheim 
Low Income Network Nancy Brockway (alt) 
MA AGO Sandra Merrick 
MA AGO Anna Grace (alt) 
MA AGO Nathan Forester  
MA AGO Jamie Tosches (alt) 
MA AGO Jamie Tosches  
MA CEC Martha Broad 
MA CEC Martha Broad (alt) 
MA CEC Galen Nelson (alt) 
MA CEC Galen Nelson 
MA DOER Birud Jhaveri 
MA DOER John Ballam (alt) 
MA DOER Gerry Bingham
MA DOER Dwayne Breger (alt) 
MA DOER Lou Sahlu 
MA DOER Gerry Bingham (alt) 
MA DPU (ex officio) Ben Davis 
MA DPU (ex officio) Julie Westwater (alt) 
MA DTC (ex officio) Karlen Reed (alt) 
MA DTC (ex officio) Ben Dobbs 
MA DTC (ex officio) Ben Dobbs (alt) 
MA DTC (ex officio) Paul Abbott 
MA EOEEA (ex officio) Steven Clarke 
MA EOEEA (ex officio) Barbara Kates-Garnick 
National Grid Ed White (alt) 
National Grid Cheri Warren 
National Grid Amy Rabinowitz (alt) 
National Grid Peter Zschokke 
National Grid Chris Kelly (alt) 
NE CEC Janet Besser 
NE CEC Charity Pennock (alt) 
NE CEC (Ambient Corp) Michael McCarthy 
NE CEC (Bridge Energy) David O'Brien 
NE CEC (Foley Hoag) Zachary Gerson (alt)  
NE CEC (WilmerHale) Mark Kalpin (alt) 
NECHPI (CHP) Jonathan Schrag 
NECHPI (CHP) Bill Pentland (alt) 
NEEP (EE) Natalie Hildt 
NEEP (EE) Josh Craft (alt) 
NSTAR Bryant Robinson (alt) 
NSTAR Amin Jessa 
NSTAR Bill McDonough (alt) 
NSTAR Doug Horton (alt) 
NSTAR Doug Horton 
NSTAR Larry Gelbien 
SEIA/SEBANE (Solar) Carrie Cullen-Hitt 
SEIA/SEBANE (Solar) Fran Cummings (alt) 
SEIA/SEBANE (Solar) Fran Cummings 
SEIA/SEBANE (Solar) Carrie Cullen-Hitt (alt) 
Unitil Gary Epler (alt) 
Unitil John Bonazoli (alt) 
Unitil Kevin Sprague 
Unitil Justin Eisfeller 
Unitil Tom Meissner 
Unitil Cindy Carroll (alt) 
WMECO Jennifer Schilling 
WMECO Jennifer Schilling (alt) 
WMECO Camilo Serna (alt) 
WMECO Camilo Serna 
WMECO Dave Wrona 
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