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Customer-Facing Subcommittee Mtg IA (1/9/2013)
 Draft Agenda-Customer Subcommittee 1.9.13  (Agenda) (20k)
 RAP-Time Varying Dynamic Rate Design  (Background Document) (1,570k)
 FERC Staff- Demand-Response Assessment Dec 2012  (Other) (2,335k)
 AvCom Presentation  (Presentations) (653k)
 National Grid Smart Grid Pilot  (Presentations) (12,656k)
 Itron Presentation  (Presentations) (1,621k)
 NSTAR Smart Grid Pilot 1.9.13  (Presentations) (2,022k)
 Raab-Grid Mod Overview-Groundrules  (Presentations) (94k)
 Sentinel Works Presentation  (Presentations) (1,088k)
 Unitil Smart Grid Pilot  (Presentations) (1,831k)
 Woolf - CF Subcommittee Introduction 1.9.13  (Presentations) (3,304k)
 Meeting Summary-Customer-Facing Subcommittee Mtg. 1.9.13  (Meeting Summary) (188k)

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