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Background Documents (11/1/2012)
 Alvarez-Jan.2012-Maximizing Customer Benefits  (Background Document) (641k)
 Consumer Electronics-Unlocking Potential of Smart Grid  (Background Document) (1,923k)
 DNV KEMA Report-Global Inventory of Smart Grid Demo Projects  (Background Document) (3,456k)
 Ontario Energy Board- Renewed Regulatory Frameworks  (Background Document) (1,957k)
 Perfect Power Institute-Investing in Grid Modernization  (Background Document) (4,336k)
 JBS Memo on PPI Grid Mod Study  (Background Document) (77k)
 RGI European Grid Report  (Background Document) (101k)
 NESCOE Smart Grid Survey  (Background Document) (400k)
 Maryland AMI Performance Metrics-Phase I  (Background Document) (1,171k)
 White House Policy Framework for Grid  (Background Document) (1,431k)
 Metavu-2011-SmartGridCity-Eval Report  (Background Document) (3,447k)
 A Framework for the Costs and Benefits of Microgrids  (Background Document) (1,039k)
 NHPC-Synapse-Best Practices in EE Screening  (Background Document) (3,110k)
 EE Cost-Effectiveness-Other Program Impacts and Env.Compliance  (Background Document) (1,456k)
 EPRI-Methodological Approach for Benefits and Costs of SGDP  (Background Document) (2,528k)
 Navigant-User GuideDOE SG Computational Tool  (Background Document) (4,643k)
 DOE-SGInvestmentProgressReport  (Background Document) (5,816k)
 DOE Guidebook-ARRA SG Program Metrics and Benefits  (Background Document) (1,207k)
 Litos-DOE-The Smart Grid Introduction  (Background Document) (4,626k)
 EPRI 2011 Cost Benefits Analysis SG  (Background Document) (615k)
 EPRI-Assessing Net Benefits of HAN to Enable DR  (Background Document) (711k)
 EPRI-March2011-Cost Benefit Preliminary Estimate  (Background Document) (5,196k)
 EPRI-SG Demo Initiative-4 Year Update  (Background Document) (1,546k)
 EU Council June 2009 Proposal Amending Directive 2003/54/EC  (Background Document) (562k)
 Ofgem April 2010 RIIO-Factsheet 93  (Background Document) (230k)
 CA PUC March 2012 Order on Smart Grid Metrics  (Background Document) (294k)
 IL SB1652-As Enacted in Public Act 097-0616  (Background Document) (367k)
 Illinois Commerce Commission Order 07-056  (Background Document) (1,410k)
 Illinois Statewide SG Collaborative Report Sept 2008  (Background Document) (5,689k)
 Kentucky Smart Grid Roadmap Initiative Sept 2012  (Background Document) (2,052k)
 Kentucky PSC-Order 20121001  (Background Document) (668k)
 Maine 90 Friedman v PUC  (Background Document) (159k)
 MD Grid Resiliency Task Force Sept 2012  (Background Document) (4,075k)
 FERC Staff Report Dec 2012-DR and Advanced Metering Assessment  (Background Document) (2,335k)
 Post Sandy Con-Ed Considers Underground Distibution Network  (Background Document) (40k)
 RAP-Time-Varying Rate Design-July 2012  (Background Document) (1,570k)
 SmartGrid.gov-SG Assets and Functions May2011  (Background Document) (394k)
 SmartGrid.gov-List of SG Benefits-May 2011  (Background Document) (212k)
 Brattle-Faruqui-Future of Dynamic Pricing  (Background Document) (411k)
 ConEd Cost-Effectiveness Evaluations Dec 2012  (Background Document) (4,312k)
 DOE-Impact Analysis Approach Overview  (Background Document) (568k)
 Hornby Testimony and AG Exhibits  (Background Document) (1,253k)
 DOE-Distribution Reliability Report-Dec 2012  (Background Document) (1,477k)
 AMI-Operations Management Report Dec2012  (Background Document) (1,088k)
 DOE-VVO Report-smartgrid.gov Dec2012  (Background Document) (1,915k)
    NARUC Cybersecurity Guide

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