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Final Report & Referenced Documents (7/3/2013)
 Sentinel Works Meters 1.9.13  (Presentations) (752k)
 Metering Functionality & Clean Energy Applications Spreadsheet 4.11.13  (Other) (51k)
 Brattle TVR & Meters 11.14.12  (Presentations) (531k)
 National Grid Smart Grid Pilot 1.9.13  (Presentations) (12,656k)
 NSTAR Smart Grid Pilot 1.9.13  (Presentations) (2,022k)
 Unitil Smart Grid Pilot 1.9.13  (Presentations) (1,831k)
 RAP TVR 2.26.13  (Presentations) (1,570k)
 AG TVR 2.26.13  (Presentations) (259k)
 Basic Service Memo 5.14.13  (Other) (48k)
 AG TVR Table 5.14.13  (Presentations) (28k)
 AvCom Meters 1.9.13  (Presentations) (653k)
 Itron Meters 1.9.13  (Other) (1,621k)
 NSTAR Pilot Update 5.22.13  (Presentations) (4,561k)
 Metering Functionality & Clean Energy ActivitiesText 4.11.13  (Other) (38k)
 Metering Utility Data Responses 1  (Other) (81k)
 Metering Utility Data Responses 2  (Other) (750k)
 Metering Utility Data Responses 3  (Other) (51k)
 Grid Facing Utility Data Responses 1  (Other) (552k)
 Grid Facing Utility Data Responses 2  (Other) (62k)
 Metering Functions Costs & Applications 4.22.13  (Other) (50k)
 MA Grid Mod Working Group Report 07-02-2013  (Other) (1,670k)

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