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Steering Committee Meeting 4 (4/23/2013)
 DPU Grid Mod Goals clean 3.7.13  (Other) (31k)
 Homework Steering 4.23.13  (Other) (27k)
 Draft Goals from LEAN  (Other) (11k)
 MA Grid Mod Regulatory Options- Template 3.14.13  (Other) (28k)
 AG Redline Goals Document  (Other) (325k)
 Revised Mtg Structure & Report Development_4.10.13  (Other) (82k)
 Metering Functionality & Clean Energy ActivitiesText 4.11.13  (Other) (38k)
 Metering Technologies Functions Costs Updated 4.11.13  (Other) (50k)
 Metering Functionality & Clean Energy Activities.4.11.13  (Other) (24k)
 Potential Metering and TVR Principles_4.11.13  (Other) (57k)
 Revised Taxonomy Slide.4.15.13  (Other) (39k)
 Draft Agenda-Steering Committee No IV.4,16,13  (Agenda) (38k)
 Final Report Initial Draft Outline.4.16.13  (Other) (27k)
 Regulatory Models Recent Submissions.4.16.13  (Other) (148k)
 MA GM NOI Questions 4.16.13  (Other) (28k)
 ENE Principles on EVs_4.19.13  (Other) (151k)
 Grid Mod Definitions Updated_4.19.13  (Other) (32k)
 Goals Opportunities vs Outcomes 4.19.13  (Other) (12k)
 Regulatory Model Summary 04.22.13  (Other) (12k)
 MA Grid Mod Reg Options Compilation 4.22.13  (Other) (282k)
 MA Grid Mod Reg.Options-Summary Tables 4.22.13  (Other) (137k)
 GF & Overarching Potential Principles & Recs 4.22.13  (Other) (46k)
 Cost Effectiveness Decision Points 2.5.13  (Other) (23k)
 Grid Data Responses Summary  (Other) (52k)
 Draft Mtg Summary Steering Committee IV -5.9.13  (Meeting Summary) (266k)

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